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Can Stem Cell Treatment Relieve My Back Pain?

Stem Cells: What are they?

Stem cells are cells within your body that can be divided and differentiated to have specific purposes. They are found in adult tissues and can be broken down into two categories, embryonic stem cells, and adult stem cells. When seeking out stem cell therapy, your doctor can extract these cells and use them as a repair system for injured muscles or nerves. Stem cells, the only cells in the body that have the strength to naturally produce fresh cells, have recently become extremely popular in their ability to repair damaged tissues. Pain management doctors in Farmingdale at Integrated Spine & Pain Care utilize stem cell treatment to offer a new and impressive type of therapy to their patient’s.

What is Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cell treatment often referred to as “regenerative medicine,” initiates a response from ill, debilitated, or wounded tissue using stem cells. This type of treatment is very intriguing to medical professionals worldwide because instead of requiring organ donors for relief, which are few and far between, stem cells can be utilized to help many more people in a shorter amount of time. Pain management doctors in Farmingdale are beginning to leverage this type of treatment in order to aid patients and their medical conditions. For instance, if a patient has heart disease, the cells are introduced into the heart muscle and the new, healthy heart muscle cells are then a contributing factor to repairing the affected part of the heart. Other conditions or injuries that can be treated by stem cells include: 

Can Stem Cells Relieve My Back Pain?

In theory, stem cell treatment has no limitations. Since our stem cells are responsible for healing themselves, the injections are able to decrease downtime post-injury, as well as allow you to avoid a painful rehabilitation. Although there is a massive amount of testing to be done, scientists believe this type of treatment may someday be applicable to an extensive list of diseases. One of those being degenerative disc disease and the back pain that accompanies this condition. The discs in your spine can degenerate for multiple reasons but in every case, it leads to lower back issues. Typical treatment for lumbar degenerative disc disease involves:

For some patients, stem cells could serve as a viable option for treatment. Due to the fact that they possess the ability to develop into any type of cell in the body, the cells can be valuable towards the healing process. When injected into the intervertebral discs by a pain management doctor in Farmingdale, the stem cells cause an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect. This, in turn, will alleviate a portion of the pain you are experiencing, as well as possibly slowing down the degenerative process.

Common Side Effects: 

After any treatment method, some patients may experience side effects while others may not. So stem cells having a few warnings to look out for is not surprising. Fortunately, though, the side effects that occur after stem cell therapy are typically short-term and are relatively low risk. These may include: 

Keep in mind that if you should double-check any other medications you are currently on, as they may weaken your immune system during this time. This, in turn, can lead to a pesky infection.

How can Integrated Spine & Pain Care Help?

At Integrated Spine & Pain Care, we realize pain is complex. Our pain management doctor in Farmingdale will put forth their care with knowledge and wisdom in order to offer you the best possible treatment. With an intelligent and skilled staff, state of the art equipment, a holistic philosophy, and a top medical team, our staff can offer patients an abundance of benefits. If you are experiencing pain and feel that stem cell treatment may be the answer to your condition, visit our website to contact us.


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