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Workers’ Compensation Guide at Integrated Spine & Pain Care

Integrated Spine & Pain Care is a professional, caring and established medical practice experienced in the treatment of all types of pain management. When getting hurt on the job, we can provide an environment of pain relief with State-of-The-Art Treatments and a Wholistic Philosophy. Trust us to successfully diagnosis and provide effective results.

**Centrally Located in Nassau County at: 1111 BroadHollow Road in Farmingdale, Long Island. Integrated Spine & Pain Care is easily accessible off the Southern State Parkway and Route 110. 516.336.8659

Workers’ compensation law is a system of rules in every state designed to pay the expenses of employees who are harmed while performing job-related duties. Employees can recover lost wages, medical expenses, disability payments, and costs associated with rehabilitation and retraining. If you are hurt on the job, protecting yourself and your health is of utmost importance.

You or a loved one have a claim if hurt or injured on the job. Many claims are denied and if you have been denied you should contact a competent workers’ compensation attorney to review your claim. Legal counsel may be attained through New York State Bar Association or the Injured Workers’ Bar Association.

How long can you get workman’s comp?

States limit the length of time that you can receive temporary benefits for an injury. These limitations are in the range of three to seven years. There is generally no limit on the length of permanent disability benefits, except that some states terminate weekly benefits when the employee reaches age 65. If you are injured or get an occupational disease while working for someone, you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Many on-the-job injuries and occupational illnesses are “compensable” under the workers’ compensation laws, and benefits are due from the employer to the employee. This does not mean your employer, or the insurance company, will automatically pay you. It is your responsibility and your attorneys to make the insurance company pay as much as you deserve.

To have a valid claim, you or your attorney must show and prove that you were hurt or made sick while working on the job and that you are an “employee” working in a job covered by the workers’ compensation laws. The first requirement of an “on-the-job” injury, you have to prove that the injury is “related” to the job in two ways. To be related to the employment, the law says the injury must “arise in the course and scope” of the employment. The injury or illness must happen while on the job and it must have been primarily caused by the work.
The second requirement is that you work at a job which must provide workers’ compensation insurance. Most people and employees who work for someone else work in a job that requires workers’ compensation coverage. In New York, nearly every worker in a “for-profit” occupation is covered by New York’s workers’ compensation laws, including:

• Full and part-time workers
• Leased or borrowed employees
• Family members and volunteers in a “for-profit” business
• Most City, County, and State workers
• Public school teachers
• Most subcontractors
• Domestic workers if employed at least 40 hours by one employer
• Farmworkers who made at least $1,200 for farm labor in the prior year
• Certain corporate officers
• Many paid workers for nonprofit organizations (see exceptions in next section)
• Minors hired to use power equipment such as a lawnmower
• Professionals and others who have their own businesses but regularly work on-site for another employer

If you are unsure whether you are or are not an employee covered by the workers’ compensation laws, or if your employer has told you that you are not covered, you should consult with a competent New York workers’ compensation attorney.

Any injury, illness, or death “arising in the course and scope” of employment is covered under the workers’ compensation laws. Below is a list of injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation:Please keep in mind the type of injuries is endless and may not be listed.

• Car Accident Injuries (if on the job at the time of wreck)
• Slip and Fall Injuries
• Falling Object Injury
• Occupation Disease or Illness (asbestosis, silicosis, Black Lung, etc.)
• Amputation
• Eye Strain
• Dislocations
• Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Paralysis
• Spine or Back Injury
• Bulging or Herniated Disk Injury
• Paralysis
• Inhalation Injury (Toxic Chemicals or Fumes)
• Lung Damage
• Neck Injury
• Whiplash Injury
• Shoulder Injury
• Hernia
• Leg Injury/Foot Injury/Knee Injury
• Elbow Injury/Hand Injury/Arm Injury
• Tendinitis
• Lacerations
• Lifting Injury
• Soft Tissue Injury
• Knee Ligament Injury
• Burns
• Orthopedic Injury
• Broken Bones
• Muscle Sprain & Strain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other Repetitive Trauma Injury
• Ankle Injury
• Asthma
• Heart Attack
• Stroke
• Hearing Loss or Vision Loss
• Death

Why Choose Integrated Spine & Pain Care when injured on the Job?
Education, Experience & Dedication. At Integrated Spine & Pain Care, our work speaks for itself. The Medical team, staff of doctors and providers have superb credentials attending and completing prestigious Medical Schools.

Dr. Mikael Sarij completed his fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Neurology in New York City, obtained additional premier training at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a Fellow in Interventional Pain Medicine, where he performed pioneering work in pain management with minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Mikael Sarij’s distinguished background in Neurological and Interventional Pain Management provides patients with expert and proficient care and a commitment to excellence in pain care.

A native New Yorker, Dr Sarij is a leader in the pain management medical community. Giving back to the community as a Clinical Professor, he teaches at
St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions. In addition, he is also a founding member of the New York Pain Society.
After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Mikael Sarij and his team utilize state of the art equipment and implement the least invasive form of treatment + non-surgical therapy to provide the optimum pain relief medical care and therapy.

We are also proud to have Dr. Ayesha Hameed on staff. Born and raised in Long Island, her academic and daily practical work of interventional pain management provides patients with compassionate care – ranging from spine interventional procedures to alternative medicine. Her education includes: Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Followed by her Medical Degree from SUNY Downstate School of Medicine, she completed Anesthesiology residency at Northwell-Hofstra School of Medicine and pursued further specialization at the Baystate Medical Centers Interventional Pain Medicine Fellowship program.

The team at Integrated Spine & Pain Care helps 1000’s of patients achieve healthier, more productive and active lives. Treating the following pain conditions on the daily – we are here to help you. Integrated Spine & Pain Care- Prominent Providers of Pain Management on Long Island.

Head, Neck & Spine Injuries
Hip, Leg & Knee
Arm & Elbow
Hand & Wrist

Hurt on the Job -Workers Comp

Foot & Ankle
General Body

Call us at 516. 336.8659 or email us at to make an appointment to review your options for medical treatment for Workers’ Compensation. Distinguished Medical Providers of Pain Management on Long Island.


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