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Since our beginnings, Integrated Spine & Pain Care has committed to providing excellent medical care to our patients and enjoyed feedback for our services. Dr. Mikael Sarij has been consecutively rated as a “Top Doctor” of the year, amongst other recognitions. See what our patients have to say about us.


"This practice is great!! Raza is so kind and sincere. Dr. Sarij has helped me manage my pain with epidurals and other minimal invasive procedures. The whole staff is great!"



"Great Dr explains on the level you understand I would recommend him to everyone staff very friendly as well and helped my problems."



"Once A month I get to speak with my Favorite doctor! Dr. Raza and I have become very close Dr-patient relationship. And I couldn't be happier."



" I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work, compassion, and above all patience. You have been such a great doctor and I cant thank you enough".

—Denise Tito


Thank you so much for taking care of my mom. At her age, she didn’t want to go through surgery and months of rehab. Your treatment plan has her back on her feet and back to her routine of visiting the mall.

—David F.


Very knowledgeable and doesn't rush you out. Great doctor.

—Denise R.


Put everything else aside, this doctor seems to genuinely care.

—Anthony S.


I am back to coaching my son’s league! GRACIAS. I’ve recommended you to my friend Jay from Massapequa. Take good care.

—Mark I.


Dr Sarij is caring and knowledgeable—speaks to you, not down to you. Spends time to assess your issue.

—Jack D.


I am a teacher and have to be on my feet for long stretches. Over the past few months the pain from a sciatic nerve on my left side was terrible. Dr. Sarij took his time to understand what was causing this pain and scheduled me for a procedure on Tuesday when he was already fully booked. I was back at work and felt wonderful.

—Stacy H.


Great office that cares about their clients.

—Marcy F.


I came to my first visit, frankly, cynical—two weeks after surgery I can’t thank you enough for getting me back on my feet. I returned to work the next day and couldn’t say enough about how much better I felt.

—John S.


Dr. Sarij is a caring physician.

—Sally H.


I am able to start 2015 more active that I've been in the past two years. Dr. Sarij is the best pain physician in Long Island! He listened, took his time to understand, and did his magic with a procedure that took no more than 15 minutes. Frankly, I was ready to cancel my first appointment—after driving 30 minutes to get to his office, I was asked to wait another 30 minutes. Thank God I kept the appointment. Dr. Sarij is world class in treating pain. Glad he is based in Long Island.

—Kevin M.




I just had wanted to say, in my last two appointments with you, I have been in great distressful pain and struggling to speak and explain. I want to sincerely thank you for understanding and caring. The batched oral surgeries in my mouth are just inconceivable. Creating a nauseous cycle of other issues. Stomach, Blood Pressure, and horrible excruciating pains. Thank you for the oral lidocancy that has helped in reducing some of the unspeakable pain. I appreciate it, more than I could ever say thank you so very much again Dr. Sarij


—Susan C.














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