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Medical Weight Loss

Integrated Spine And Pain Care

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At Integrated Spine & Pain Care, we offer personalized weight loss plans to help you achieve your target weight.

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We offer individual nutritional counseling as well as scientifically proven medication to maximize weight loss success. We will customize a plan to meet your goals. All protocols are medically supervised, and patients are under the care of our healthcare providers.

A Successful Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program Typically Includes:

  • Customized Weight Loss Plan
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Dietary Supplementation
  • Vitamin Supplementation
  • Hormone Replacement
  • Healthy Exercise
  • Trained Medical Supervision

During your first visit, a healthcare professional will:

  • Review any medical problems you have and medicines you take to see whether they may be affecting your weight or your ability to lose weight
  • Explore your eating, drinking, and physical activity habits
  • Determine your body mass index (BMI) and measurements.
  • Weekly check-in will be done via phone and in person once a week to discuss your progress.

We offer the following weight-loss options :

Weight-Related Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, and osteoarthritis of the knee and hip worsen with weight gain. We can help you manage these conditions while you lose weight and optimize your overall health.

Medications for Weight Loss

Medications that control feelings of hunger can often help you stick with a new eating plan. Medications are a tool for weight loss and work best when used as part of a comprehensive weight management plan that includes dietary changes and exercise.

Nutrition Planning

We teach you how to create a healthy eating plan and maintain a food diary. We will discuss your eating habits, what triggers eating, and ways to manage stress without overeating.

Healthy Exercise

We can customize a workout plan depending on your fitness level and that can be used at the gym or at home.

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